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How to Make Ear Buds Last Longer?

by Bethann E. Danley

We generally admit that right care for ear buds is significant after numerous cases of destroying our preferred earbuds. Be it that unlucky bicycle occurrence or a ditzy journey to the laundry, you will have same opinion that it doesn’t take much to tear down ear buds.

Usually, it’s because we undervalue them – sadly, ear buds are quite delicate parts of tech, irrespective of if they’re costly or not. Finally, it’s some of the intolerably fine filaments of wire transmitting signals from your mobile phone to your ears.

Sennheiser CX300I

How to Make Ear Buds Last Longer?

Here are some of the tips that can help you. Remember, these tips are easy but you do need to remember to follow them as it is easy to mess it all up otherwise.

Don’t carry them in your bag in a twisted clutter

We are past the time of the apes, and we must keep our ear buds tidily wound in a delivery bag – we do not pack them in our pockets or throw them in our handbags when we have stopped using them. There’s a justification for this. Even though the majority of ear bud wires and their pressure points were created to obtain some level of mistreatment, they would not last long if you continually mistreat them.

The wire which links the 3.5mm jack and the ear buds is formed of fine copper wires covered with a rubber, which isn’t a lot hard. Hence when possible, don’t put excessive pressure on wires or the joints; also don’t wrap the ear buds around the music player. Rather, it is better to create a coil and put it in a bag or carry box. This will help in preventing any damage to the cord. This act will be rewarded by a long-lasting service provided by the ear buds.

Ear-hygiene is important

Earwax that accumulates in your ear cannot just get horded into the speaker opening on your ear buds and reduce its performance, but it can also affect your ear and raise your threat of ear infectivity. Keep your ears clean to avoid harm to both- your ears and your ear buds.

Frequently change the ear buds’ tips

When the tips or rubber end on the ear bud becomes old it is unable to hold noise resistance and accumulates dead skin cells that quieten the sound. This degrades the performance of ear buds so it is recommended to change these pieces when they become clearly damaged or when you see that you cannot simply clean them with a wet fabric.

Take good care of your ear buds

Your connection with the friend might be too strong, yet this does not mean that you will not transmit ear infections or germs. Rather, one can always make use of a jack splitter which makes it simple to utilize the same device for two sets of ear buds.

Also, to increase the life of your ear buds much more cleaning is needed than expected. This is because ear buds are continually facing the dirt, germs, wax and other such elements.

Particularly, with the white or colorful ear buds a usage of full one month can show you how much dirt can accumulate in this small span. For a longer life, you must not use ruthless cleaners such as alcohol unless you’re sure that the outer covering will not be impacted, anyhow, a wet fabric or a gentle wet tissue will be enough. It is also important to keep in mind that you must not make the inner circuits wet.



In case the ear buds are handled in a rough way or if they are not maintained well, their sound performance gets worse in due course, or they fully stop working. There are quite a few dos and don’ts to abide when seeking to maintain a set of ear buds for a long period. Taking these necessary steps can considerably improve the verve of each pair of ear buds you have. The finest way to make the ear buds last longer is to carry out habitual maintenance and offer good care for the gadgets from the day you buy them.

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