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Can wearing earbuds cause vertigo?

by Bethann E. Danley

Have you ever felt a rotating feeling when you alter the place of your head? It may be due to music you listen to with your earbuds.

Yes. I attempted wearing earbuds at the time of sleeping. Like this extended use of earbuds led to vertigo attacks. On discontinuation of the use of earplugs – vertigo was gone. Once again, when I put on my earplugs use – vertigo came back. Following some cycles, the link was obvious. The question was, how did it happen? So, I began to research about it online.

earbuds cause vertigo review

When Can a Vertigo Happen?

Normally, the condition of vertigo happens because of the following.

  • Meniere disease
  • Inner ear infections or diseases
  • A viral infection which can cause your nerves to swell up
  • A significant skin growth in the middle layer

What is Vertigo Anyway?

Little calcium carbonate crystals are believed to be in the rear of vertigo. As these crystals, occasionally known as stones, slack off from their average house in the utricle (an element of the ear’s balance method) and tour to the interior ear’s fluid-packed channels, their faction forwards the fake communication to the brain, leading to that circling sensation or feeling of being tilted.

For a few individuals, this inside ear issue also causes sickness and queasiness and short-term equilibrium troubles. And as the feelings usually resolve fast (an incident can last for 3 to 5 days), vertigo may appear and exit for around a couple of weeks, throughout which it is a risk to drive too.

Overcoming symptoms of vertigo caused due to earbuds


There are cases when vertigo did not come up only because of use of earbuds; rather there are many other common reasons too. But, if you believe you might be having vertigo for the initial time, here is what you need to do.

1. Sit as soon as you can.

Yes, it helps you get back on your feet. Try to sit silently for some minutes. This offers vertigo an opportunity to reduce and permits you to consider the feelings you’re experiencing and act appropriately.

2. Call in a Physician

In case you are able to find that the main cause is just earbuds, and the spinning sensation appears to be activated by a shift in the positioning of your head, you can perhaps linger on for some days prior to calling the physician—the vertigo is expected to settle in that phase.

Yet if your vertigo occurs along with the signs like a stern headache, binary vision, weakness of one side, inaudible vocalizations, chest pain, or heart tremors, you’re probably facing something extremely serious than vertigo—like a heart attack or a heart problem—and must get instant and emergent care. You must also seek to keep away from nerve-racking circumstances since anxiety can lead to worsening of the symptoms of vertigo.


Dealing with this kind of Vertigo

If the stressful signs go much beyond some days, one must see the doctor, who will check the warning signs and might put the sufferer in positions that lead to vertigo to prove that one has vertigo—there are different kinds of vertigo too.

The use of earbuds can cause severe situation due to an exceptional situation that influences the inner ear, known as Ménière’s disease. This can lead to vertigo, in addition to hearing loss, tinnitus and auditory completeness (a sensation of pressure in the ear).

It is thus a good idea to buy a pair of headphones that is comfortable to wear over a longer period of time so that you do not have to worry about things like these anymore.


But, still, one must quit earbuds’ excessive usage, and adapt to speakerphones so that there isn’t any such problem. Putting in headphones or earbuds has been recommended as a possible influencing aspect for exterior ear canal infectivity as their use can raise the warmth and moisture of the canal, produce the possibility of skin abrasion and give a medium for the opening of germs into the canal’s membrane. Though, there is no substantiation of earbuds causing vertigo.

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