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Go Green – Q-Sound Solar Powered Headphones with Bluetooth Technology

by Bethann E. Danley

Solar technology is a source of energy that we overlooked for decades. Some people were on the cutting edge in using the concept before it became such a crazy trend. Now there are thousands of companies working towards creating their technology with solar capabilities. I am always interested in this type of technology because I believe it helps our earth be a bit more green. The Q-Sound headphones incorporate solar technology while offering Bluetooth abilities to provide one of a kind product.

A lot of my reviews lately have been very negative. I have spoken positively about the concepts of several companies but have been able to find a lot of things I did not like about their product. Q-Sound headphones have nothing that I do not like. This is because it is a technologically advanced product that is ahead of the rest of the headphone game (besides Dr. Dre’s BEATS).

The design is perfect looking. Sleek in design because it is as shiny as a new penny, it also easily incorporates the solar panels needed to harness solar power. Each charge will provide you with a whopping 40 hours, with just one sunlight hour being required for producing a whopping 2/67 hours of running time. This is the time you will get once the headphones are charged and being operated at peak preference controls.

Perhaps the most refreshing aspect, second only to solar technology, is the Bluetooth capabilities. The side of the Q-Sound headphones has a 3.5mm port for connecting other devices as well. However, it is the ability to link to Bluetooth technology that takes this technology to a whole new level. These headphones now become a multi-media port that you can use to access music wirelessly from the internet through this technology. I find that very impressive and hope you do as well.

We all talk about doing things to better our environment but often find that we are all talk. This is a product that comes at a low cost ($69) and offers you the opportunity to shut up and put up. You will have a great product that uses solar energy and does not deplete the earth of other energy sources. A great outcome was created here, and the world needs to embrace it, and I hope I educated you a bit by sharing it with you today.

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