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Sony Mobile Communications
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Sony is a leading global innovator of audio, video, game and information technology products for both the consumer and professional markets. Our Developer Program assists third party developers worldwide to be successful, by offering tools, knowledge, support and visibility to both contracted partners and grass root developers. Developer World, available at sonymobile.com/developer, is our free hub for developer tutorials, tools and news related to Android in general, and Sony XperiaT devices in particular. Developer World offers everything from open sourced code examples, to complementary developer tools and SDKs for Sony XperiaT product APIs. Get the edge with Developer World!
Twitter: @SonyXperiaDev
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uTest’s global community of 100,000+ professional testers from 200 countries and territories test mobile, wearable, web and desktop applications “in the wild” on real devices under real-world conditions. The company will be expanding its vision to focus 360 ° app quality and changing its name to Applause in 2014.
Twitter: @utest
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Ellisys is a Test and Measurement company committed to the design and timely introduction of advanced protocol analysis solutions for Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Low Energy, USB, SuperSpeed USB, Wireless USB, and WiMedia Ultra-Wideband technologies. By providing technology developers with the right innovative tools at the right time, Ellisys enables these promising markets to grow in a secure and confident manner, helping to ensure rapid and wide acceptance of these technologies.
Twitter: @ellisys1
Frontline Test Equipment
Frontline has been helping developers bring robust and reliable products to market for over a quarter of a century. Frontline’s Bluetooth® Classic and low energy, Wi-Fi, NFC, and over-the-wire analysis tools for HSU, SD and USB can be found on workbenches in 84 of the Fortune 100 companies. By delivering industry-best decodes, robust captures and a variety of data views including Message Sequence Charts and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi packet coexistence, Frontline has helped thousands of product developers, both small and large, to deliver seamless out-of-box experiences to their customers. For full dual mode Bluetooth debugging, Frontline offers the ComProbe® BPA® 600 Dual Mode Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer, and for developers who only need to debug Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready technologies, Frontline offers the ComProbe BPA low energy Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer, the most mature, elegant and budget-friendly low energy solution on the market.
HZO, Inc.
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HZO has set the world standard in technology solutions that protect electronics from corrosion and extended liquid submersion. A robust coating is applied at the component level, creating a physical barrier between the vital circuitry of a device and any kind of liquid. The company’s advanced nanotechnology provides innovative liquid protection from the inside out, and our patent protected materials, process and equipment provides an end-to-end solution that allows flexibility for manufacturers to develop new product features and functionality, while giving end-users the freedom to do more with the electronic devices they rely on.
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PLT Labs is a multi-disciplinary R&D; team within Plantronics focused on advanced wearable device concepts and solutions. The wearable concepts PLT Labs creates represent years of Plantronics engineering know-how for building high quality personal wearable technology. Within the web site PLTLabs.com, you will find insights authored by the PLT Labs team, sharing with you our perspective on technology, industry trends and the great concept wearable solutions we’re innovating in our labs. The concepts we create will leverage body worn sensor technology coupled with developer friendly APIs on major mobile and desktop operating systems, enabling opportunities for innovation inside and outside of Plantronics. Our Concept Series prototypes are packed with sensors. We’re exposing the APIs that surface these sensors, so you can create new applications and user experiences. Learn more and see videos of the Wearable Concept 1 in action at www.pltlabs.com.
TE Connectivity
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TE Connectivity (NYSE: TEL) is a $13 billion world leader in connectivity. The Company designs and manufactures products at the heart of electronic connections for the world’s leading industries including automotive, energy and industrial, broadband communications, consumer devices, healthcare, and aerospace and defense. TE Connectivity’s long-standing commitment to innovation and engineering excellence helps its customers solve the need for more energy efficiency, always-on communications and ever-increasing productivity. With nearly 90,000 employees in more than 50 countries, TE Connectivity makes connections the world relies on to work flawlessly every day.
Twitter: @TEConnectivity
Freescale Semiconductor Inc.
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Freescale is a leader in embedded processing solutions for the consumer, automotive, industrial and networking markets. Our microcontrollers, microprocessors, sensors, analog ICs and connectivity are fueling the next great wave of innovation. From the edge nodes to the cloud, Freescale is an essential source for the embedded technologies that bring the Internet of Things to life. Learn about the new Freescale-enabled wearables reference platform (WaRP), an open-source, scalable platform that gives OEMs the building blocks they need to rapidly develop a wide range of wearable product designs from a common platform. Details at http://www.WaRPboard.org
Twitter: @Freescale
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Intrinsyc is a product development company that provides hardware, software, and service solutions that enable next-generation embedded and wireless products. Intrinsyc developed and sells the DragonBoard™ Development Kit and production-ready System on Module based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon™ APQ 8060A application processor..
Reflx Labs
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Boogio is are wearable pressure sensors and accelerometers for each foot to capture body mechanics with an astonishing degree of accuracy. Designed and built by a team of engineers who specialize in sensing technology for the energy, and aerospace industries, Boogio can log activity, analyze movement, and provide real time interface with a variety of applications. Positioned as a development kit, Boogio provides value for game developers, athletes, and anyone who seeks a robust, real-time version of motion data. With Boogio’s SDK, it’s possible to customize and build custom applications to exact user specifications. Developers can create applications for their own use or for other people to use. As a robust solutions platform, Boogio customers are empowered to use their creative energies to build new products for entertainment, health, wellness, and more. Boogio is a product of REFLX Labs, Inc.
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Sensoplex is based in Silicon Valley and provides expert professional services for the definition, development and production of sensing, computing and wireless wearables. Our vision is to empower highly competent and passionate people to build innovative wearables in their area of specialization. Our evaluation and development kits enable customers to rapidly test their ideas and applications in their market. Our proven flexible platforms can be rapidly customized and help reduce products time-to-market by as much 50%.
Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.
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Specialized is one of the leading brands in the world dedicated to making bicycles and cycling products.
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