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How do virtual reality headsets work?

by Bethann E. Danley

Virtual reality and augmented reality have taken the infotainment world by storm ever since it came into the picture and it only seems to get bigger and better by day. Virtual reality gives you a breathtaking and immersive experience by simulating you to a totally different world and making you believe that it is all real.

From VR glasses to flying helicopters to taking off and landing an aircraft, the scope of this sci-fi invention is endless.

The Top Things to Love about Virtual Reality Headsets

Tell me, who doesn’t get blown away by such thrill to be on the edge, the heavy adrenaline rush and that adventure of the surreal moment? Given an opportunity, who does not like to live a fantasy in the comfort of the four walls?

Virtual reality headsets started coming into the forefront as early as the early nineties.

  • Today, it has gone to a whole new level with rapid technology advancements, keeping in line with the increasing and demanding user requirements.
  • However, the VR headset market is still considered to be in its nascent stage, and the future is looking bright.


What is a Virtual reality Headset anyway?

So, let us see what a virtual reality headset is: It is obviously a head-mounted device which will give the wearer an experience of virtual reality- the stereoscopic display providing visual experiences unique to each eye, auditory experience of the stereo sound and the sensors tracking motions of the head.

  • It is widely used in video games but they also have practical uses such as training in the military, flight, medical fields and many more.
  • If you are a PlayStation geek or if you know someone, they can tell you how good it is.

So what do you need to experience virtual reality at your fingertip?

The Top Steps to Get the Most out Of Your Virtual Reality Experience

Now you can get into the VR experience on your smartphone- just buy one of these viewing device sets and get the apps that deliver the VR content including Inception, VR roller coaster world, Within, to name a few.

Step 1 – Open the app

once the app is launched and the phone is put into the viewer, you will be in VR. Do not forget to place the screen facing you and also raise the viewer to your eye level.

Step 2 – Check the compatibility

Do check out for the compatibility of the device to your phone before making your choice. Android seems to be more developed to support VR, but iPhone users need not be disappointed, your options include Dodocase 2, View-Master, and more.

However, as of today, VR through the phone is only a basic experience and is not comparable to the complex and powerful systems.

Step 3- Go for one of the trusted models out there

Let us check out the popular VR systems available- Oculus Rift seems to be a hot cake, companies like Samsung (Samsung Gear VR) and Google (Google Cardboard) also have made their space in the market.

HTV Vive and PlayStation VR are other popular names in the business. The controllers they have allowed you to play games and also interact with the VR.

Virtual Reality Headset

Step 4- Understand the Limitations

One of the constraints of VR headsets is their higher latency requirement than the regular computer games. Sometimes, the system can be sluggish while reacting to movements of the head and this could even give you some kind of motion sickness.

Another drawback is when the magnification of VR headsets makes the display issues more prominent. These lags are being worked upon and with each new version, and each new update the quality is going to be on the rise.


It won’t be long before the vr works take us by storm, enabling us to explore reality in a grand new way.

The technology world is eagerly looking forward to the newer developments in the virtual reality. For sure, it is here to stay. So if you have not yet experienced virtual reality yet, make your first move, grab your VR headsets and happy wandering in the virtual world!

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